[ Mod Note: This is fine as a confession and conversation starter if anyone would like to reblog and add their thoughts, but I’d just like to give a quick reminder that this blog is centered around canon confessions and not specific fandom confessions as stated in the FAQ. This one I’ll accept, but I just wanted to put that out there and won’t post confessions that refer to specific people or groups. ]


brightblueinky answered your post: Thoughts?

I definitely think they should be tagged as Princess Tutu still, but tagging the kinks and NSFW would be good! Maybe the read more cut too.

I’ll do my best to tag the kinks as properly as I can. And I think I may put the more graphic confessions under a read more with a content warning in the title. This blog hasn’t had any extreme graphic submissions yet, but it’s still welcome to them! 


kasstlekrasher answered your post: Thoughts?

I’m sorry if you’ve been getting greif, I enjoy what you put together <3

Oh no, nothing of the sort has happened — but I’ve just been realizing I’ve been rather flippant about running a NSFW blog for a canon like Princess Tutu, and I want to be as respectful as I can to those who do not wish to see this blog’s content on their feed as well as give people a safe space to confess away. But thank you very much, I’m happy to know you enjoy it! 


mage-chan replied to your post: Thoughts?

Read mores, tagging as PT and NSFW and kinks could help. And read mores for the more hardcore stuff and try dirtyPT for a blog specific tag?

I definitely think read mores for the more graphic confessions will happen (though that doesn’t make them any less welcome), and I’ll continue tagging as best I can. Perhaps I’ll also make a specific tag like “Princess Tutu NSFW” or tag it with “dirtyptconfessions,” so that it’s much easier for people to block it if they don’t want to block “NSFW” in general. 

If anyone has any other suggestions or would like me to tag something specific, please feel free to let me know. Thank you for your thoughts! 

- Mod


I’ve been pretty bad about this before, and for that I do apologize. I’d like to try and start being better with handling this blog and the material it comes with. I try to make appropriate tags for kinks and tag every post with “nsfw,” and Tumblr has the ignore feature and a few great extensions for blocking entire blogs from showing up on their feed at all, but I’m now wondering if that’s enough. 

What do you guys think? Are there any specific tags you would like to be added to the confessions? Should the confessions be put under a ‘read more’ option? Would it be better they weren’t posted into the Princess Tutu tag at all? 

Going to be tagging this post, if anyone who doesn’t follow this blog would like to add their thoughts. 

- Mod